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What to Expect When an AP Program Provider Says They Enroll.

A strong accounts payable strategy can deliver cost savings and new revenue opportunities. 8 ways an AP card program can maximize your bottom line.


Motivating a New Culture of Collections

Nebraska Medicine shares how its proactive approach brought two revenue cycles together, improved billing processes and increased patient satisfaction.


Patient Payment Plans: Helping Patients, Helping Hospitals

Managing patient payment plans presents many challenges. This article shows how healthcare providers can calculate the costs of patient payment programs.


Selecting the Right Healthcare Financial Partner

The Selecting the Right Healthcare Financial Partner eBook, by CommerceHealthcare®, identifies five attributes critical when selecting a financial firm.


Healthcare Finance Trends 2019 ebook

The 2019 Healthcare Financial Trends Report, by CommerceHealthcare®, identifies six themes critical for healthcare finance leaders.


Children's Hospital Automates the Work of 8 Staff Members.

CommerceHealthcare® helps Children’s Hospital leverage healthcare lockbox automation to accelerate the payment posting process and improve posting accuracy.