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Leading Through a Pandemic

The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This eBook explores investment strategies designed to help healthcare providers optimize returns during this historic low-rate environment.


Optimizing Cash Returns in 2020

It is a challenging time for healthcare finance executive. This article explores seven investment strategies designed to optimize cash returns.


2020 Healthcare Financial Trends

Healthcare financial trends will have a big impact on the healthcare industry in 2020. This eBook examines nine 2020 healthcare trends critical for healthcare leaders.


Best Practices: Is Your Hospital's Accounts Payable Program Still Working for You?

Is your accounts payable program stale? Is it underperforming? With margins shrinking for many providers, the time is right to adopt new best practices for your AP program.


The Best Way to Build a Multilayered Payment Strategy

Is your healthcare organization getting the most out of its payment strategy? The article explains how providers can maximize a payment strategy's long-term value by implementing a multi-phased approach.


How to Take Advantage of Early Payment Discounts

When it comes to vendor payments, many healthcare organizations are missing out on some simple cost savings. This article highlights how providers can leverage early payment discounts as part of a better payment strategy.