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5 Best Practices for Using Virtual Credit Cards

The role an AP department can play in an organization's strategic growth is often overlooked. For example, an AP card, or virtual card, can automate process while capturing costs savings and generating revenue. Here are 5 best practices that contribute to a successful virtual card program.


Does Your Health System Have a Payment Strategy?

Your healthcare organization probably has a growth strategy, but does it have a payment strategy. This article details why a payment strategy is so important and offers tips to make sure your strategy is effective.


Seizing the Benefits of Strong Supplier Relationships

Suppliers are key to the success of your health system, and that means building a strong financial relationship. Here are four strategies to foster better, stronger supplier relationships.


Getting to Zero Patient AR Through Patient Financing

Hospitals strive to accelerate cash flow and minimize bad debt. This report examines the challenges of reducing patient AR and how an effective patient financing strategy can help.


Managing Financial Complexity Webinar

This HFMA Trendsetters webinar examines payment management strategies that will help hospitals and other healthcare providers automate receivables and posting workflows, while bridging revenue cycle and finance teams.


Feeling the Pain: How Rising Healthcare Costs are Impacting the Patient/Provider Relationship

Rising deductibles and out-of-pocket costs are changing the dynamic of the provider/patient relationship. This infographic explores increasing patient financial responsibility and challenges in collecting patient payments.