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Solution Perspective: Overcoming Remote Workforce Challenges in Patient Financing

This article examines how a patient financing programs, backed by a strong bank, can help mitigate the risk of a remote workforce while improving patient collections and cash flow.


Solution Perspective: Why Program Management is Key to Patient Financing Expansion

There are many barriers healthcare providers face when operating a patient financing program. This article examines why strong program management is important.


Offering long-term payment plans to meet the financial needs of patients

Patient payment plans are an important tool for healthcare providers. This article explains how these programs are helping patients and providers.


Solution Perspective: Efficient Patient Financing Enrollment

This article explains challenges around patient financing programs and why patient enrollment is critical to success.


Solution Perspective: Pre-Service Financing

Cost estimates, financing options, and upfront payments are becoming more common in healthcare. This article explores how pre-service financing is helping providers navigate this new environment.


Prevent COVID-19 From Causing a Cash-Flow Crisis

How can healthcare providers prevent a public health crisis from causing a cash-flow crisis? This eBook focuses on modern revenue- cycle improvement options to improve processes with limited budgets and staff.