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Healthcare Accounts Payable Solutions

CommerceHealthcare® can simplify your healthcare accounts payable process, creating a better supplier payments and patient refund experience.

Accounts Payable Automation AP Card Payment Hub PreferPay


Patient Refund Optimization

Patient refunds have never been so easy or fast. PreferPayTM empowers healthcare providers to lower costs, enhance workflows and improve the patient experience.

Accounts Payable Automation PreferPay


Healthcare Vendor Payment Program

Payment Hub is a healthcare vendor payment program which utilizes invoice automation to support a healthcare provider’s existing accounting system.

Accounts Payable Automation Payment Hub


Healthcare Virtual Card Payment Program

A healthcare virtual card program simplifies payments, reduces costs and provides revenue sharing for health systems, hospitals and physician practices.

Accounts Payable Automation AP Card


Receivables Management Services

Healthcare receivables management services by CommerceHealthcare® are focused on simplifying your payments process and creating a better payment experience.

Receivables Management RemitConnect Healthcare Lockbox


Healthcare Corporate Banking

CommerceHealthcare® delivers healthcare banking solutions including capital investments, acquisition financing, bond financing, loans and leasing.

Healthcare Banking Healthcare Banking


Patient Lending

It’s the patient lending program that is changing healthcare. HSF® is delivering interest free or low rate line of credit with a no-hassle enrollment process.

Patient Financing


Healthcare Remittance Services

Healthcare Remittance Services by CommerceHealthcare® reduces costs and enhances payer and patient collections within an organization’s current billing system.

Receivables Management RemitConnect


Healthcare Lockbox Services

Healthcare Lockbox Services expedites and reduces the collection costs of mailed patient payments by providing timely deposit to healthcare remittances.

Receivables Management Healthcare Lockbox


Value of Recourse Financing

Recourse patient loans are a time-tested model and an essential component of a dynamic financing toolkit. However, healthcare providers tend to view these programs through a single lens. This article explores the many benefits of recourse programs.

Patient Financing Health Service Financing (HSF)